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Route 2 Health™ & CBD

Route 2 Health™ is a nutraceutical/herbal company affiliated with Highnoon Laboratories Pakistan that boasts of a vast experience in bringing novel medicinal solutions through scientific research and manufacturing excellence since the last three decades.


The Quality of Life

We have always believed in creating an impact and improving the quality of our customers’ lives through constant innovation.

Our Vision

At Route 2 Health™

At Route 2 Health™ we believe in finding better and more natural ways for our consumers to feel better and live a healthy and happy life. This is what keeps us going.


The Best Products

We also believe in nature’s ability to heal and the abundant bounty it provides. Hence, we feel strongly about bringing the best products to not only serve already suffering patients of chronic pain diseases, seizures and anxiety/stress related issues but also improve the quality of their lives.



CBD is the answer to all questions. In the last few years, we have seen monumental advancements in not only R&D and benefits of using CBD products in various indications, but also a general acceptance trend and legalization in various parts of the world.

Our CBD Products Roadmap




Ointment and Gels

Especially Formulated Products

(for Sleep, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia etc.)

Our Services

Route 2 Health vows to bring the best CBD products to fulfil our promise of bringing a positive change in the lives of our consumers. To facilitate that, we have partnered with some of the biggest names in the world.

Creso Pharma

Being a Swiss company, Creso’s stringent quality control standards have enabled it to become one of the best multi-national companies in the world. Route 2 Health™ partners with Creso for authorized sales and distribution of Cannaqix. Using Creso’s credibility and our own expertise in bringing newer solutions to markets worldwide and fulfilling unmet health needs of people in need. Creso’s experienced leadership and geographical agility has enabled tactical expansion in a diverse range of markets:

Importing to Australia

First to import medicinal cannabis into Australia.

Innovative Products

First launches of innovative products - containing broad spectrum hemp oil extract - into Switzerland for humans and animals.

Hemp-Oil Based Animal Feed

Launch of anibidiol®: the first hemp oil-based complementary feed for companion animals in partnership with Virbac Switzerland (Global Animal Health company).

Hemp-Oil Based Nutraceutical

Launch of cannaQIX®: the first hemp oil-based nutraceutical in human health in partnership with Doetsch Grether AG Switzerland (Swiss OTC Pharma).

Entering Canadian Market

Formally entered the Canadian market by acquiring Mernova, a Nova Scotia based Medical Cannabis growing operation.

Entry into Africa

Entry into the African continent with the cannaQIX® products range.


Medcolcanna is a Colombia-based medical cannabis company. Led by a highly successful management team, their strategic facilities guarantee optimal cultivation conditions which allows them to take advantage of the latest trends and developments in the ever-expanding global medicinal cannabis market. 

Partnership with R2H

MCCN is partnering with Route 2 Health™ as a “white-label manufacturer” which allows us to bring customized CBD products to especially smaller markets where CBD is still a novel and unique concept. 

Customized Products

Our product offering is customized according to the specific health needs of different countries.


CannaQix® is a product by Switzerland based Creso Pharma that aims to reduce stress and to support psychological and nervous functions. It is the first and unique nutraceutical with a novel and quick delivery system containing CBD hemp oil, various vitamins & zinc as a sugar-free lozenge.

Innovative Buccal Delivery System

The innovative buccal delivery system of the lozenges provides rapid absorption and high bioavailability.

Route 2 Health™

Route 2 Health™ proudly brings CannaQix® to many parts of the world in collaboration with Creso Pharma.

Launch with Lozenges

By launching the novel lozenges SKU first, consumers will have a first-hand experience of convenience, ease of use and instant relief via innovative delivery system and quick absorption mechanism

Our Partners

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